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"The Organics method is applicable to any body, technique, or sport." _Mary

"It has been wonderful to rediscover and connect with those movements that are in our cellular memory, that our body has always known, and that bring us closer to our nature and that of the universe in the same whole." _Nidia

"The Organics method fits like a glove with the philosophy of our studio." _Elisa

"With Organics I have discovered the" content "and the" container "of my body, I have recovered lost sensations, I have invited all my tissues to participate and contribute in solidarity and kindly to my expansion." _Esperanza

"There are many ways to move, as well as methods, but moving from the depths of the body, from the organs themselves, is something that I had not discovered until I met Marta and her vision of her movement in Organics." _Daniel

"How beautiful to move with content and what a luxurious mentor, who transmits her practice with such sensitivity and passion." _Estibaliz

"Organics offers a perfect blend of fluidity and strength, I really want to introduce it to my center." _Francesca

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