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Created by Marta Soteras, ORGANICS is a new training method that explores the human body and its possibilities for nourishment and self-regulation through movement.

Our goal is to create a bridge between meditation and physical exercise, where internal listening is necessary to move intuitively and effectively, exploring the body as an instrument through which our vital force is transmitted.

Our design offers a complete and functional training, with dynamic and fluid classes, which increase vitality, agility and coordination. We use different implements (elastics, yoga blocks, stools, balls, springs and machines) as proprioceptive components to cultivate awareness of the body as a whole.

Our school provides an educational program with a somatic approach that will revolutionize your vision of exercise. With bases of experiential anatomy and movement sequences designed in detail, our trainings offer you a twist in your professional career, whether you dedicate yourself to the world of Pilates, Yoga, Fitness or any other profession focused on movement or manual therapy.

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