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  • ELASTICS Recording  | English & Spanish
    ELASTICS Recording  | English & Spanish
    The elastics are specially designed in a flexible fabric to give you support and direction during movement. Like a second skin, they imitate fascial tissue, helping you feel the hammocks, support points and spirals in the most organic way.
  • MUELLES Barcelona
    MUELLES Barcelona
    25 & 26 noviembre
    25 & 26 noviembre
    25 & 26 noviembre
    Los muelles y el cinturón ofrecen un trabajo en constante suspensión. La resistencia y asistencia de estos proponen un reto muy dinámico al alumno más avanzado y a la vez brinda de muy buen soporte al q necesita más ayuda.
  • SPHERES Recording | English & Spanish
    SPHERES Recording | English & Spanish
    This course will give you a contemporary approach to fit ball and soft ball work from the perspective of Organics.
  • BLOCKS Recording | English
    BLOCKS Recording | English
    In this course movement sequences are explored to help us inhabit the entirety of our body and its natural balance. We will use two yoga blocks as an implement to deepen and assist during the exercise, allowing us to reach positions and ranges of movement with more efficiency and fluidity.
  • SPRINGS Recording | English & Spanish
    SPRINGS Recording | English & Spanish
    In this course we work on movement sequences with the support and resistance of the springs. We will use the belt for the ribcage and pelvis and the staps for combinations of arms and legs.
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